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First Cineskates Review, We Have The Very First Set Off The Manufacturer’s Floor

Back in late August I discovered a new Kickstarter project that was a set of wheels for the Gorillapod Focus tripod. With a Ballhead X this setup becomes a portable DSLR dolly. I was intrigued and convinced my boss to support the project by buying one of the first 100 Cineskates kit contributors. As a matter of fact we were the first to contribute $325 for a full kit.

Our staff videographer Mark was totally stoked on the product too after seeing the video on Kickstarter. Since then I have been communicating with Justin at Cinetics on the Cineskates status. We are located in Canada and even though Justin shipped them on September 16th we finally got them in today.

Here is our Cineskates unboxing and first overview. Here is a short demo we did with the Cineskates. Come back later for upcoming video review and more demos.

In the meantime enjoy the unboxing and detailed shots of this neat dslr dolly setup.

Finally! After Canada Post finished dicking around and bogged down our shipment in customs the box arrives.

Since we were the first ones to buy the full kit, I bugged Justin to put something special on the box. As you can see it’s marked 1 of 100, flames on the side.

Thank you note from the company and instructions.

The Cineskates come with a bag with pockets and drawstring cinch with a lenscloth in a pouch.


Gorillapod and Joby Ballhead X dslr camera head.

The Cineskates look solid and well built with hard plastic and metal all around.

I asked Justin to mark our set with something special since we bought the first one, so the skate wheels have 1/100 marked on each wheel. Thanks Justin for getting back quickly on all our questions and doing the special markings.

We mounted the Cineskates to our Canon T2i. We rushed it so I’m not sure if we mounted everything properly and lined up the wheels right.

Here are some more closeups of the Cineskates from various sides. The wheels are really solid and smooth with some nice flame like designs on the sides. The wheel cups slip onto the bottom of the Gorillapod Focus. The Gorillapod can hold up to 11 pounds, enough to handle a large DSLR and a heavy lens.

Mark and I took this out in the hallway for a quick spin. We hope to post even more videos made with the Cineskates in action soon. Check back here soon for a more thorough review.


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