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Owle Bubo - iPhone Camera Mount and Lens System

For all you iPhone videographers out there, this may be the steadicam equivalent for a phone. The Owle Bubo has an optional 37mm macro lens. The solidly built black metal camera holder is tough and has a quality feel to it.

You get a sturdy case with four female tripod mounts, a cold shoe for lights and microphones, and two comfortable handles that steady up your iPhone videography.

The design is top notch and the Bubo feels wonderful in your hands with a cool metal touch. The mounting tips allow for nearly any combination of accessories. The Owle Bubo with two mounts is at least one more than most mounts.

The 37mm macro lens quality is improved over the iPhone 3GS’s default, simply by dint of the large glass lens that rests over the iPhone’s sensor. It adds a slight fisheye effect, but one that is generally welcome, alleviating the typical claustrophobic feel of iPhone video.

You can find more about the Owle Bubo iPhone mount and lens system here.


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