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HITCASE PRO: Waterproof. Shockproof. Mountable

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Tinyshooters is the destination for photo enthusiasts who love to experiment, try new things and have fun with their photography.

We like to find cool, interesting cameras and accessories that you may not have seen anywhere. We source and test out all the clever and innovative camera gadgets that we love to play with ourselves then bring them to you. Think of us as your personal curator for camera gear that is sexy in design, clever in engineering and innovative in results.

Phone cameras are getting better almost daily and with accessory enhancements we can see these powerful yet small replacing not just point and shoots but beginner dlsr's with add on hardware and software. We are excited to experiment and try out the many creative ways these mini cameras with attachments can improve portability without sacrificing quality.

Tinyshooters want to empower you to do big things with small cameras but that does not mean we are leaving our dslr's and micro 4/3rd cameras at home. After all, photography is our beloved hobby we would never give up the fun that can be had with interchangeable lens cameras! That is why we will be carrying things like Lomography lenses for Canon and Nikon DSLR's plus affordable flash ring lights.

Look for demos, how to videos, and our own experimental photo/video projects using smartphones and accessories. Honest product reviews and walk throughs for photo and video apps for pc's and smartphones like the iPhone are also on the agenda. We have some exciting "out of the box" ideas we want to share with you.

Bridge the gap between your imagination and creative results with products from Tinyshooters. You will find our equipment powerful yet affordable, offering you the most bang for the buck. We look forward to delighting you by presenting amazing gear that makes your photography more fun and interesting.

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